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Car drying cloth microfiber 1200 GSM | 50 x 80 cm

Car drying cloth microfiber 1200 GSM | 50 x 80 cm

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Gray, extremely large and super absorbent 1200 gram/m² microfibre cloth with a size of 50 x 80 cm

Suitable for all types of paint and can dry large surfaces of your car in no time. This car microfiber drying towel dries streak-free and without scratches. Both sides can be used to dry your vehicle.

This super absorbent microfiber cloth is made of high-quality microfibers and consists of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide.

Packed per 1 piece.

This extremely soft, large twisted towel has an extremely dense weave.
It is the preferred towel to dry cars after cleaning.
This car drying cloth easily removes dirt from your painted surface and does not scratch.
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