Car shampoo XTREME RichFoamShampoo 1 l

Car shampoo XTREME RichFoamShampoo 1 l

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Rich active foam formula for a dense, long-lasting and intensively dirt-dissolving foam carpet. Particularly gentle on the surface thanks to the pH-neutral active formula. Suitable for use with a foam lance / foam cannon (high-pressure cleaner), a hand foam sprayer and also for hand washing as shampoo.

- Premix shampoo with water:
- HP device and foam lance: Depending on the device and lance, pre-dilute 30 - 100 ml of shampoo with 1 liter of water and pour it into the storage container of the foam lance.
- Manual foam sprayer (e.g. SONAX Foamsprayer): Mix 10 - 30 ml of shampoo with 1 l of water in the container (depending on the device and spray head).
- Hand wash: dissolve 50 ml shampoo (= 2 caps) in 10 l warm water and foam.
- Foam the vehicle from top to bottom and wash with a sponge.
- Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
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